Kindle Software Update

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Eventually, I have got my Kindle 3. I'm trying to get familiar with it since this is my first E-Readers. I'm a newbie for this :)

I didn't notice that what the version of firmware it came with but I did see that it was pushed the software update automatically in the following day.

After the update, I saw that the version of my Kindle Software was 3.0.1. A day after, I heard that the official Kindle software version 3.0.2 was released but, somehow, my Kindle was not updated automatically (did it suppose to?).

Therefore, I went to Amazon's Kindle Software Update page to download and update my Kindle Software manually.

It turned out that the latest software version was 3.0.3 preview and I didn't know where can I download version 3.0.2.

However, I kept going by following the instruction to update my Kindle Software to version 3.0.3 preview anyway. Hopefully, everything will work fine after the update :p

In the previous article Getting Familiar with Amazon Kindle, We talked about downloading Free Kindle Reading Apps from Amazon for getting use to Kindle Format book.

As I mentioned in the article that the Kindle Reading Apps come with a free New Oxford American Dictionary in Kindle book format. Apparently, it's not enough for us to familiar with reading kindle books. Who want to read a dictionary?

Of course, we are able to buy Kindle Books and have them pushed to our Reading Apps, but if you don't want to spend money for just to test reading Kindle Books, there are Free eBook Collections available!

There are lots of older, out-of-copyright, pre-1923 books online that we can download and read on Kindle for PC or Kindle for Mac or even transfer via USB to your Kindle device.

At Amazon, they provide some of Free Kindle Books in their Kindle Store here Kindle Popular Classics, where we can find popular titles at $0 price!

Besides, Amazon Kindle Store also lets we choose from Limited-Time Offers that available for free with wireless delivery in under 60 seconds via Whispernet.

Getting Familiar with Amazon Kindle

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In the meantime, while I'm waiting for my Amazon Kindle 3 arrival. I'd like to prepare myself to be familiar with the Kindle.

Amazon provides Free Kindle Reading Apps for you to getting familiar with the Kindle or read Kindle Books without Kindle Reading Devices. The Reading Apps are available in various platforms: Windows, Mac, iPhone & iPod, iPad and Android.

With the Kindle Reading Apps on your mobile devices and computers, you are able to shop the Kindle Store for Kindle books, download and read kindle books - no kindle required.

With Whispersync technology, you can creates, saves and synchronizes your last page read, bookmarks, notes, and highlights across your mobile devices, computers and Kindles (if you have one).

When you install Kindle Reading Apps you get the New Oxford American Dictionary as a free Kindle Book for you. It's also used as built-in dictionary for the Kindle Application on iPhone, iPod or iPad...

If you are using Kindle for PC, you can find dictionary for your Kindle Reading App at WordWeb for free!

Well, according to the prior posts, I had made up my mind which E-Readers and Cover I want. It's time to place orders.

Firstly, I opened and went directly to Kindle 3G Wireless - Latest Generation page to got one into my shopping cart.

I didn't have to think much between Kindle Wireless-Only Reading Device and the one that comes with Free 3G that works globally. I was happy to pay $50 more for a life-time free internet access!

The latest generation of Amazon Kindle is available in two color, black and white. I picked the white one without hesitation :)

Then, I kept shopping on Amazon to get a protection for my new Kindle. My target was Amazon Kindle Leather Cover with Built-In Light. Amazon also offers you various colors to choose from, my favorite here was Chocolate Brown.

The Amazon Kindle 3 and the Kindle Lighted Leather Cover are available for FREE with Super Saver Shipping. So, I was able to save $9.97 for shipping cost. However, I had to pay $23.66! while the total price before tax was $248.99 ($189 + $59.99).

In addition to the Kindle and its protective cover, I thought it's good to give more protection to my Kindle by having a Kindle Screen Protector and I thought I found a good deal of Kindle accessory set from CrazyOnDigital.

The accessory set consists of USB Car Charger, USB Wall / Travel Charger, Earphones, and Screen Protector / Guard. A CrazyOnDigital Wristband is also Included, I have no idea what should I do for the wristband :)

All of these accessories cost me just $1.99,but you know what? Although the price for my stuffs are as cheap as that. The shipping fee is $2.97!!!

However, I still put it in my shopping cart. I thought it's worth to pay $4.96 ($1.99 + $2.97) for them.

That's all the stuffs I ordered from As I'm writing this post, I'm waiting to get my first E-Reader in my hand :)

Choosing A Kindle Cover

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After the previous post "Finding My First EBook Reader", I have eventually decided to pick Amazon Kindle 3 as my first E-Reader.

That's not the end because Amazon Kindle 3 doesn't come with any protective case or cover. I'm quite sure that every one who buys Kindle or any other E-Readers also buys a case or a cover for a protection as well. We don’t want anything to happen to our reader such as a scratch or hard drop, right?

For me, choosing A Kindle case or cover is tougher than picking an E-Reader itself since there are tons of cases and covers available offered at different prices starting from a few dollars.

I'm not gonna review the Kindle 3 cases and covers here, there are already hundreds of reviews on the internet right now. In the other hand, I'd like to share what I was thinking while I chose a protection case or cover for my Kindle.

The first decision I had to make is type of protection.

There are various types of Kindle protection selling in markets such as Flip Cover, Slip Cover, Cover & Stand, Envelope Sleeve, Silicon Case, Waterproof Case or even Protective Skin. Just pick the one that suits your needs.

In my case, I'd just like to have a book-like cover. So, I prefer a general side-flip cover.

In addition to a cover, I'd also like to have a reading light to read comfortably anytime, anywhere. I found many cool reading lights for E-Readers selling on Amazon at reasonable price.

However, I think it would be great if the light sticks with my cover and shares power from my Kindle so I don't have to carry many stuff with me when I travel.

That leaves me only few choices, I think you may already know, which one I'm going to choose :)